Meme City Gets the Taiwanese Animator Treatment [VIDEO] [UNICORNS]

turntable animated Gets the Taiwanese Animator Treatment [VIDEO] [UNICORNS]

Those Taiwanese animators don’t miss a meme, do they? Next Media Animation has a short segment on (perhaps the first Next Media animation of something that is already an animation?), giving a brief explainer of the service, throwing in a unicorn and some Justin Bieber, and comparing the service to Spotify.

The script:

Listening to music at home with friends has long been popular. Now Americans have a better place to do it: allows people to DJ in chat rooms. Users score each other on their song choices.

The site is currently invite-only and is a hangout for ‘cool kids”, it’s perfect for music snobs.

But isn’t just an Internet fad, high profile investors are pouring money into it.

Will crash Spotify’s party?

This is a high honor and we’re not sure any New York start-up has received it before (commenters: let us know if we’re wrong). Hey Turntable–you guys gotta slow down!

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