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Time for Tablets! Time Inc. Adding All Titles to Tablet by 2012

timetablet1 Time for Tablets! Time Inc. Adding All Titles to Tablet by 2012

Sports Illustrated Tablet Edition

Right now only four Time Inc. titles–Time, Sports Illustrated, People and Fortune–have gotten the tablet treatment. But the media giant says it’s planning to add its other 17 properties by the end of the year, a sign the company is still bullish on a market that continues to be dominated by Apple, which has yet to come to an agreement with Time over its cut of subscription fees from purchases made through the iTunes stores.

So despite the fact the more than 90 percent of consumer-owned tablet are still iPads, Time is diversifying to make its tablet editions available on Android, HP and the so called Hulu for magazines. Another revenue stream will come from subscription sold through the Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook.

“Now is the time for us to make this bold commitment. In the coming year, there will clearly be many more consumers using tablets, accelerating demand for content and driving advertiser interest. We are putting ourselves in a great position to take advantage of these opportunities,” said Maurice Edelson, EVP and a member of Time Inc.’s interim management committee, in a presser. “Having our entire portfolio available on tablets will create a significant new digital reach for our advertisers.”

Hopefully Time has a smart, simple way to port its content to tablet, something along the lines of mobile publishing start-up OnSwipe, which will save them the expense of adding all the flash powered bells and whistles that have so far failed to sell readers on expensive tablet editions. If they need an example of what not to do, perhaps this article on Conde Nast’s tablet troubles can be of help.

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