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Hearst’s iPad Head Girl Explained

ipad head girl 1 Hearsts iPad Head Girl ExplainedLast week the lunch crowd at Bryant Park were treated to a bizarre vision: a pretty girl in an orange dress . . . with a four iPads affixed to a helmet of sorts on her head. The screen of each iPad displayed the respective part of her head–front, back, left side, right side–as though it were moving in real-time.  The effect was arresting. As it turned out, it was a promotion for Heart’s new Cosmo For Guys iPad app. Perhaps they picked Bryant Park to scare the competition? After all that’s awwwwwfully close to Conde Nast headquarters at 4 Times Square.

In any case, The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) has an interesting video about how the helmet was made. The campaign was created by a local ad firm, Thinkmodo, but Clockwork Apple was responsible for the “helmet/head.” They created the illusion by recording individual videos of each side of the model walking through Bryant Park beforehand then displaying them on the iPad screens.

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