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Good News For NY’s Social Media Score, Foursquare Now Counts Towards Klout

twitter greece joke Good News For NYs Social Media Score, Foursquare Now Counts Towards Klout

Getting Greecey

Betabeat is a close observer of our Klout score, which we measure weekly along with our blood pressure and credit card debt. Recently we noticed a very nice spike into the 60+ territory. One reason might be that we added our Foursquare account to our Klout profile a few weeks back and the tips we have been leaving around New York are now contributing to our social media influence.

It makes sense to measure tips instead of check-ins or badges. Tips are the social component. It might also make sense to measure the number of friends a user has on Foursquare and how influential those folks are. The “science team” at Klout pulled some interesting findings for their announcement of the integration.

  • More than 2/3 of active Foursquare users post tips.

  • These tips have a ready audience with each tip being done, on average, at least once.

  • 80% of active users have “done” tips.

Betabeat is looking forward to the day when our enormous Klout entitles us to free sandwiches, cases of wine and trips to China, like Twitter addict and online influencer Diana Adams. In the meantime we will continue to expound on our areas of expertise, which according to Klout include: internet start-ups (check), Myspace (ok, maybe) and Greece (no, except we once told a funny Twitter joke about it that got retweeted a lot). Hey, these algorithms are a work in progress.

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