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Bnter and the Art of the Understated Job Ad

bnter team Bnter and the Art of the Understated Job Ad

The Bnter team.

From Bnter Banter, the company’s Tumblr, comes a start-up job ad with unusual humility and the added benefit of brevity in contrast to the overwrought manifestos and “rockstar/ninja” motifs that have become so common on job boards:

Bnter is searching for PHP developers. They should have knowledge of MVC framework. Bnter is also looking for iOS developers. Both positions can be contracted or full-time.

We’re a startup with three employees and more than 50k users. We love people who are self-motivated and independent. By this we mean: you’re passionate about the project and think outside the box. You would be working with us in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

See how the team interacts here: When we’re not joking with each other, we like to listen to stand up comedy CDs.

Email to apply.

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  1. Lauren Leto says:

    Thanks, AJ! Yes, no ninjas need apply. Just good people.

  2. GuunGuun says:

    Can I apply?  I know how to do the cupid shuffle.