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We Met the Co-Founder of Turntable.Fm Last Night and It Was Magic

david blaine rising card We Met the Co Founder of Turntable.Fm Last Night and It Was Magic When Betabeat’s crack trio of writers heard co-founder Seth Goldstein was going to be in town and trolling for developers at the Ace Hotel, we decided to stalk by. Uh, we mean Betabeat always holds its weekly editorial dinner at the halal Pakistani joint on West 29th St. And then we just happened to walk across the street for a drink at the Ace. Mmmhmm, totally. (Pro tip at Gourmet Palace: Order everything.)

Inside the lobby we spotted angel investor Chris Sacca, the “gatekeeper” of private shares in Twitter, right away by his leonine mane of hair. We tried to introduce ourselves, but a gentleman in a baseball cap and windbreaker with his back to us was in the middle of wowing a crowd gathered around him with a card trick. After it was over, the magician moved on, deck in hand, to entertain the couch to our right. “Have you met my friend David?” asked Mr. Sacca, as he walked by. “That’s David Blaine,” Mr. Sacca added, once the illusionist was out of earshot. Yeah, we recognized the face.

“My mind is blown,” said co-founder Seth Goldstein, still reeling from the trick, “I really was thinking of the three.” As soon as we identified ourselves, Mr. Goldstein politely towed the company line, “We’re not talking.” But he couldn’t help acknowledging the addictive concept that he and his co-founders had pivoted into with–a radio station where users “DJ” in different rooms while users vote the songs lame or awesome and chat in a sidebar. “We really hit on something big.”

Before we headed for the exit, Mr. Goldstein, who lives in the Bay Area, told Betabeat he’s been coming to New York every couple of weeks. A few feet away, Mr. Blaine was shuffling his deck. Around 1am, Mr. Sacca tweeted: “Wrapping up three hours of @davidblaine blowing minds in the Ace Hotel lobby. I’m going to have nightmares about the nine of diamonds.” Clearly, we left too soon.

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  2. Mingusahum says:

    how the 9 of diamonds ended up in Goldstein’s ass?..Well that’s magic

    1. Mingusahum says:

      (also goldstein is a well known bottom)

      1. Nitasha Tiku says:

        Mings! You’re going to scandalize the innocents!