Summer Jamz

Script Kiddies Go Wild on!

One sure sign of’s booming popularity is the proliferation of small scripts popping up on the web that let users do things like auto vote for their favorite DJ and grab their favorite tracks for download. 

The latter is a particularly useful hack, although it probably makes the service seem less attractive to the music industry. User immOrtal wrote scripts for Firefox and Chrome that make it simple to download whatever song is being played on as an mp3.

UPDATE: co-founder Billy Chasen writes in to tell us they have fixed this download loophole.

In packed rooms like Coding Soundtrack it can be really difficult to score a turn on the DJ decks. Over on Github Mark Reeder has some extensions that notify users as soon as a DJ spot opens up on We have heard their are also scripts that automatically takes empty spots, but haven’t found it yet.

If you can’t stand the thought of your avatar not dancing, there is a  script from @tivs that hands out up-votes (Awesomes) to every song, even when the user is away from their keyboard.

And for those tired to trying to rack up enough points to get that gorilla suit, here’s the cheat that will max out your points to 1000 on

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  1. can anyone explain how this works? basically what I did was pasting the code in the adress bar while on a room.

    javascript: /* CODE */

    and it doesnt seem to work. plus it gives me the “Hey sleepyhead” message.

    1. Tried it too. Doesnt work.

  2. Dmoneycin says:

    somebody please tell me how to use the gorilla code

  3. Rhinografix says:

    fixed the code for the auto-awesome voter:

    turntable.addEventListener(“soundstart”, function(m){eIKMNWLuBszHx.callback(“upvote”)});

            $(‘#GJfiATqIRkBqX’).click()}, 500);

    If it doesnt work you have to get the ID of the Awesome button and change it to the new one, to get the ID right click on the button and go to “inspect element” you will see the ID name in the CSS (#GJfiATqIRkBqX)

    And update this (eIKMNWLuBszHx) to whatever the new code is, you can find it by rolling over one of the avatars using the chrome browser and on the bottom left you will see the new javascript code.

    To run this script:
    1. Using a chrome browser, right click on the screen and go to “inspect element”
    2. Click on console on and copy the code or your updated one and press enter. It should start on the very next song.

  4. treats says:

    I made an AutoDJ script.  Check it out: