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Did Lindsay Lohan Just Make Sean Parker’s Dreams Come True?

110305 fiti seanparker tn Did Lindsay Lohan Just Make Sean Parkers Dreams Come True?If anyone needed confirmation that the nouveau-riche billionaires of the tech bubble might join actors and hoteliers as a the latest subset of rakish cads (“Have something to prove, ISO arm candy”), look no further than this rumor on Gawker.

“We heard a wild tale that Parker and Lohan had recently gotten coked up together; one version of the story even had Parker’s jealous fiancée battering down a door. Parker’s spokesman flatly denied the gossip. But Lohan was among the VIPs invited to enjoy bowls of caviar at Parker’s sumptuous rental castle after Coachella this year. And Parker’s spokesman didn’t deny that Lohan partied on all three nights of the Palm Desert soirée.”

We have no idea there’s truth to the rumor, but to support the gossip-mongering, Ryan Tate reports that “in addition to Lohan, Parker’s fiancée Alexandra and Lohan’s sister and brother, Ali and Michael, also made appearances at the party palace.”

Post-Social Network, Mr. Parker did his best to distance himself from Justin Timberlake’s celluloid depiction of a party-hardy modelizer. Telling the crowd at an AllThingsD conference in January:

I mean I kind of wish my life were that cool. I’m a geek from Silicon Valley and there are no, there are no Victoria’s Secret models in Silicon Valley.

Of course that was before Mr. Parker debuted on Forbes list of the country’s richest billionaires at #295 (#782 in the world). You know what’s cooler than Aaron Sorkin’s imaginary Victoria’s Secret model? An actual Hollywood starlet.

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