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Alert! Alert! Ashton Is Roaming the Streets of New York

highres cd46997070444aaabfee3464790d637620660f3d Alert! Alert! Ashton Is Roaming the Streets of New York No one tweeted Betabeat when Zuck was in town. Let’s not make the same mistake this time.  Last spotted with SV Angel’s David Lee. And a Jesus beard.

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  1. Is this what it looks like when you snap celebs semi-unwittingly on the street?

    1. Ben Popper says:

      Yes. Also, when they take the picture themselves. 

      1. Duh, I am new to this whole twitter phenomenon.  Me dealing with Kutch in any way on this is like Yoda and a bricklayer.

  2. Do we get editor’s picks over here?

  3. Nitasha Tiku says:

    IRONMAN!!! Welcome to my new home. Trolling for EPs already? Shameless.