Kyle Bragger Wants to Know Your Five Favorite Twitter Follows

my five Kyle Bragger Wants to Know Your Five Favorite Twitter FollowsThe man behind the fast growing and recently funded coder community, Forrst, has decided to create the web’s version of the island castaway question.

Instead of being stuck on a remote spit of land with just five books, Kyle Bragger has created a simple web app, My Five, that asks users to pick the five people on Twitter they would follow if that was all they could have. 

It was inspired by this question from Daniel Brusilovksy and hacked together over the long weekend.

Wine blogger, best selling author and incorrigible loudmouth Gary Vee is the #1 overall pick. In turn, Gary Vee has selected the NY Jets, Kyle Bragger and, #humblebrag, an account composed of the 881,000 people who follow him, proving his social media genius once again.

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