I Can Haz News? Cheezburger Founder Working on Tech for News Sites

cat reading newspaper I Can Haz News? Cheezburger Founder Working on Tech for News SitesIt’s always interesting when viral content kings try to get people on the internet to take their vitamins. “Why are we still consuming news like it’s 1899?” Ben Huh, founder of the Cheezburger empire of humor sites and graduate of a prestigious journalism school (though he never worked in journalism) asked in a blog post yesterday.

Mr. Huh is a news junkie frustrated with the way news is presented on the web and repetitive, irrelevant information–but he wants to reform something specific: breaking news. “If you’ve ever been a journalist, you know the exact feeling of a big news hunt. This is the Moby Dick of news, the big game that turns you into Ahab,” he writes.

He’s recruiting “great minds and passionate people” to tackle the problem with him and has published some wireframes of what news presentation should look like. The product might turn out to be a publishing platform like WordPress, he told ReadWriteWeb’s Marshall Kirkpatrick.

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