Hashable Forgot to Register on Tumblr

south park vs family guy Hashable Forgot to Register on Tumblr
“Today we acquired Associated Press and Hashable,” Chris Mohney of Blackbook Media blogged earlier, inspiring Betabeat to spend the next hour typing names into Tumblr, looking for New York start-ups and other companies that might have a social media strategist they need to fire. Tumblr has an established tradition of rapidly booting squatters from copyrighted names, so it’s unlikely that any of these acquisitions will ever see an exit–still, brandjacking opportunities are everywhere!

“Today’s MoP Tumblr Acquisitions: JackDorsey, BizStone, MediaWeek and AdvertisingAge,” wrote Michael Orell of Flavorpill, in response to Mr. Mohney. “I’m pleased to announce some acquisitions as well. Please welcome to my network: Nikki Finke, Pay Near Me and CLOTU,” Awl editor Choire Sicha said.

OPEN SEASON:, (See what we did there? Also, Daytum, you are so pretty, why don’t you have a Tumblr? –ed.)


Also, fun: Are the real Mark Zuckerberg and Y Combinator behind these password-protected Tumblrs?

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