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Billions Dollar Analytics Firm, Palantir, Staffing Up in New York

location newyork Billions Dollar Analytics Firm, Palantir, Staffing Up in New York

Palantir's Meat Packing Digs

Although it doesn’t have much mainstream name recognition, Palantir Technologies has seen some explosive growth in the last year. And with new offices in the Meat Packing district, Palantir is competing hard for New York tech talent.

The firm, which began analyzing complex data sets for intelligence agencies, has since brought its tools to bear on a wide range of government and financial services.

Founded by Alex Karp and Peter Thiel, a Paypal co-founder and early Facebook investor, the company just closed on a $50 million round of funding that would value Palantir between $2.5 and $3 billion.

The company won’t reveal whether or not its profitable, saying simply that revenues have grown, but its benefit package is pretty swank for a pre-IPO firm: catered breakfast and chef prepared lunch, nap rooms and rec areas with HD projection screens, laundry service and a housing subsidy. Wonder if East Coast perks are equal to Palo Alto. 

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