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Sign O’ The Times – Several Offers To Buy LocalReponse Before Launch

nihal mehta Sign O The Times   Several Offers To Buy LocalReponse Before Launch

Saving himself for the launch. How quaint.

It’s just 19 days until the launch of Localresponse, the newest offering from mobile entrepreneur and investor Nihal Mehta.

He’s been hitting the trail, criss crossing the country to rustle up partnerships with big brands.¬†Localresponse is a kind of a pivot for the folks at Buzzed, according to co-founder Michael Muse.

Seems to be working. Today Mehta quipped that four different companies have tried to purchase Localresponse, and the thing hasn’t event launched yet.

“4 inbound m&a offers before officially launching @localresponse. not bad!#itsdefinitelyabubble,” he tweeted.


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