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New York and Silicon Valley Share Startup Bus Championship

st bus triumph New York and Silicon Valley Share Startup Bus Championship

Team TripMedi rejoicing in the hands.

One of the companies from the New York Startup Bus just won the Startup Bus competition, ish. The panel of judges, which included superinvestors Dave McClure and AngelList founder Naval Ravikant, liked team TripMedi (Yelp for medical tourism) as well as WalkIn, a real-time reservation system that would replace those buzzers at Shake Shack.

The team had to have an emergency huddle to decide what to do about it! The verdict is still undecided, but the company has reverted its website to a simple splash page with the option to view a “preview.” It’s unlikely the flash company will remain intact, but each of the founding buspreneurs has a 1 percent stake.

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