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Nate Westheimer Pays Forrst Back For Teaching Him How to Code

money tree 1 Nate Westheimer Pays Forrst Back For Teaching Him How to CodeForrst, the collaborative community for web designers and developers, just raised $205,000.

Some of the money comes from NY Tech Meetup’s Nate Westheimer, who wrote about his love affair with Forrst back in December.

The site has been developing in parallel to a larger community of programmers over at Stack Exchange. “Forrst is NOT a technical help desk — if you want that, head to Stackoverflow or the dozens of other places where you can find general technical help,” writes Westheimer. “Rather Forrst is a warm and welcoming community of people of all skill levels, sharing the latest code snippets and screenshots of what they’re working on, genuinely looking for feedback.”

Other investors include Dave McClure’s 500Startups, Adam Schwartz and Jim Sokoloff.

Forrst founder Kyle Bragger loves soft scarves. Also, he writes code.


Who’s Kyle? | The Soft Scarf Edition from Nate Westheimer on Vimeo.

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  1. Is Nate West my rapper name?