Just Arrived: TechStars Grad and Microsoft Alum, The Shared Web

kareem amin Just Arrived: TechStars Grad and Microsoft Alum, The Shared WebA new startup touched came to town ten days ago. The Shared Web hightailed it from Seattle to found their curation service, The Shared Web, in the media capital of the world.

Founders Kareem Amin, Nicolae Rusan and Nav Patel were all working at Microsoft a year back. “Nicolae and I met in college and came out to Microsoft to do our time and figure out what we wanted to pursue,” says Amin.

When Techstars expanded to Seattle, the trio saw their ┬áchance and parted ways with their corporate overlords. “Curation wasn’t quite the buzzword then that it is today,” says Amin ruefully.

Now they’re in the process of raising a round and putting the finishing touches on their beta. For the moment they are camped out in Union Square but are keen on finding a permanent home.



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  1. Andy Sack says:

    Seattle’s loss is New York’s gain. These guys are great and I believe they’re going to create something special.