The Tumblr Trainwreck

Users Prefer Tumblr’s Tumbeast to Twitter’s Fail Whale In a Landslide

tumbeast Users Prefer Tumblrs Tumbeast to Twitters Fail Whale In a LandslideTumblr’s new 404 mascot, the Tumbeast, is beating Twitter’s fail whale by a landslide in a popularity contest at This or That.

Users prefered the drooly Tumbeasts, created by Matt Inman of webcomic The Oatmeal, over the fail whale, 84 percent to 16 percent. (The fail whale still has four times as many followers on Twitter, though.)

“It’s a #TumbeastTakeover!” the new mascot tweeted yesterday.

Congratulations to the Tumbeast, but the honeymoon won’t last long. Expect the Tumbeast’s favorables to drop significantly after users start to associate it with Tumblr’s frustratingly frequent outages.

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